Your comprehensive code compliance platform

Research, collaborate, and calculate code requirements efficiently.

Copilot is your Al-powered code assistant

Accelerate your code research with tailored responses and relevant code sections to your project-specific questions.

Research Faster
Go beyond simply gathering code sections from various publications and chapters.
Be More Efficient
Catch code sections you might have missed and manage compliance with efficiency.
Gain Insight
Unlock the ability to parse through massive quantities of code and gain insight.
Get Smarter
Lean into a truly intelligent and holistic approach to code research.
Code Education & Expertise

Build team-wide code expertise

Understand how the code has evolved and see real-world examples.

Detailed code diagrams
Access detailed code diagrams as you browse code sections, to gain context and better understand the requirements.
Compare code sections
Better understand how the code has evolved in a specific jurisdiction or across other jurisdictions.
Code Requirement Analysis

Efficiently determine code requirements

Build accurate code reports and export your research.

Calculate requirements

Catch errors upstream with validation and error checking to optimize your process.

Export code sheets

Export your code research to add it to your drawing set and project workflow.

Repurpose your prior research

Migrate projects and templates to new code cycles or across jurisdictions.

Project-Based Code Research

Get stakeholders on the same page

Structure your code research and collaborate efficiently with team members.

Structure your research for collaboration

Organize your bookmarks, comments, and annotations around whatever it is you’re researching.

Collaborate with your team

Collaborate with team members by sharing your bookmarks, comments, and annotations.

Build project templates

Develop internal project templates that curate your code research for future projects.

“UpCodes saves us a lot of time. And that's not just time upfront, but time saved because we're more accurate throughout the project lifecycle.”

Kevin Edwards

Senior Project Manager

A platform with depth and breadth

Manage compliance for your next project efficiently and within budget.

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Detailed code diagrams

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Streamline code research for your next project

Modernize code compliance for your team.

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