Your go-to-platform for 
code, assembly, and product research

Save time and money, mitigate risk, up-level your team, build faster, and work smarter.

A unified library of codes, assemblies, and products

Gain a deep understanding of the requirements and options for projects.

Diagrams Library

Leverage detailed diagrams as you research

Access a growing library of high-fidelity diagrams that illustrate complex code requirements.

Assemblies Library

Modernize your assembly research

Accelerate your design process with powerful research and collaboration tools.

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Scan assemblies with easy-to-read titles
Optimize your research with descriptive AI-generated titles for each assembly listing.
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Curate assemblies that match project criteria
Quickly bookmark assemblies that match your project criteria and requirements.
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Collaborate on assembly research
Organize internal conversation on assemblies you’re researching around specific projects.
Products Library

Simplify product discovery and selection

Make product discovery and selection more efficient and compliant.

Powerful tools for compliance and product research

Accelerate your research and collaborate faster on projects.

UpCodes Copilot

Copilot is your AI-powered research assistant

Leverage UpCodes Copilot to understand, interpret, and apply compliance requirements consistently and accurately.

Research Faster
Go beyond simply gathering code sections from various publications and chapters.
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Be More Efficient
Gather code sections, diagrams, assemblies and products that correspond to your research.
Gain Insight
Parse through massive quantities 
of codes, diagrams, assemblies, and products.
Get Smarter
Lean into a truly intelligent and holistic approach to compliance and product research.
UpCodes Search

Cut through millions of adoptions, assemblies, and products

Find a code section, assembly, or product, that corresponds to what you’re researching.

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Find code sections relevant to your research
Search for relevant code sections across a jurisdiction, code year collection, or code books.
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Surface assemblies faster and more efficiently
Search for an assembly by simply describing assembly characteristics, including titles, descriptions, or keywords.
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Discover the right building products
Find building products that meet your project’s performance criteria and filter by CSI division and manufacturer.
UpCodes Projects

Structure your research and collaborate efficiently

Organize your research around a project’s specific requirements, invite collaborators, and curate discussion.

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Structure research for collaboration
Organize your bookmarks, comments, and annotations around whatever it is you’re researching.
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Collaborate with your team
Collaborate with team members by sharing your bookmarks, comments, and annotations.
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Build project templates
Develop internal project templates that curate your code research for future projects.
“UpCodes saves us a lot of time. And that's not just time upfront, but time saved because we're more accurate throughout the project lifecycle.”
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Kevin Edwards

Senior Project Manager, NK Architects

A/E firms are reaping big benefits with UpCodes

Time Saved

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Average return on investment per user

Risk Reduction

3 out of 5

Users say UpCodes limits rework on code mistakes

Streamline code research for your next project

Modernize code compliance for your team.

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