We exist to help you build
, quickly, and enjoyably
UpCodes is a comprehensive code compliance platform for anyone involved in the design, construction, or occupancy of buildings
Why we exist

The construction industry suffers from unnecessary costs and complexity. Every year billions of dollars are wasted in rework due to compliance errors.

What we’re building

We create solutions that help you manage the compliance process in design, construction, and occupancy, letting you build affordably, quickly, and enjoyably.

What we’re committed to

We’re committed to delivering easy-to-use code compliance tools that help you spend less time searching for the right codes and more time designing and building.

“UpCodes changed how I interact with the public. It’s so much easier to email a link to a code section or image of a diagram, which reduces confusion and saves me so much time.”
Ray Shipman
Building Official
“I’ve been practicing architecture for more than four decades... and have never found a more useful and time-saving software!”
Mike Raphael
Registered Architect
“UpCodes saves us a lot of time. And that's not just time upfront, but time saved because we're more accurate throughout the project lifecycle.”
Kevin Edwards
Senior Project Manager

Learn more about the UpCodes platform

Online Library & Search

Find the relevant code, with a reliable and up-to-date source for adopted codes.

Education & Expertise

Build team-wide expertise and understand how the code has evolved with real-world examples.

Project-Based Research

Get stakeholders on the same page, structure code research, and collaborate efficiently.

Code Requirement Analysis

Efficiently determine code requirements, build code reports, and export your research.

A platform with depth and breadth

Manage compliance for your next project efficiently and within budget.

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City, state and federal codes

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Detailed code diagrams

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Democratizing code access and research for over 600,000 users
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Our Story

We bring together the worlds of architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) with technology.

Our team is passionate about improving an inefficient process. When it comes to dealing with regulations across a project lifecycle, architects and engineers must rely on cumbersome physical documents and slow manual processes. We want to make your day to day easier and more productive.

We started this company to make streamlined access to codes easier. Our first step was creating an online library that brings together the ecosystem of codes, and we're taking it further by building the tools that automate project management for AEC professionals.

Let’s make construction more efficient together. Join our team.