UpCodes Copilot is your Al-powered research assistant

Accelerate your compliance research with tailored responses and relevant resources to your project questions.

The future of compliance research is here

Compliance research doesn’t have to be difficult

We're redefining the future of compliance research with Copilot. It will radically change how you approach the codes and assemblies.

You + AI can work much more efficiently

We envision a world where anyone involved in the building compliance lifecycle can work more efficiently with Copilot.

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Research Faster

Go beyond gathering sections from codes or assemblies.

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Be More Efficient

Catch resources you may have missed as your research.

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Gain Insight

Parse through massive quantitities of codes and assemblies.

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Get Smarter

Lean into a truly intelligent and holistic approach to compliance research.

Get tailored responses to code or assembly questions

Ask code or assembly-specific questions

Ask questions specific to your jurisdiction and code-year collection, and include any project-specific parameters.

Get answers that make sense

View straightforward answers and summaries that help you analyze complex code sections or assemblies.

Get to compliance insights faster

Understand how the adopted codes affect your project, and quickly navigate to a corresponding section.

Gain context as you browse specific code sections

Copilot helps you better understand how specific concepts correspond to all the code adoptions for a jurisdiction.
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The power of each discipline in your hands

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ARE 5.0 Practice Exam Textual PDD1
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Building Plans Examiner Practice Exam2
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Commercial Building Inspector Practice Exam3
  1. Testing conducted by UpCodes in May 2023 with Copilot completing text-based code questions in “Project Development and Documentation” section of the “Architect Registration Examination 5.0” (Practice Exam).
  2. Testing conducted by UpCodes in May 2023 with Copilot completing the “B3 - Building Plans Examiner: Practice Exam” on Udemy.
  3. Testing conducted by UpCodes in May 2023 with Copilot completing the “B2 - Commercial Building Inspector: Practice Exam” on Udemy.
“In the engineering world, if you don’t cite your source, you didn’t answer the question. That’s why Copilot has a lot of potential. It’s a great way to get started on a code research project, especially for codes that I’m unfamiliar with.”
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Fire Protection Engineer

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