UpCodes is laser-focused on code accuracy

UpCodes works hard to keep our construction catalog accurate by researching jurisdictions, coordinating with AHJs, and analyzing codes throughout the publication lifecycle.

A single platform for code updates, amendments, and errata

We know how difficult it is to know you are working with a comprehensive and up-to-date code.

As a result, there can be lots of rework in the design process, confusion with what code is applicable, and delays in plan review or construction.

Our aim is to help you build affordably, quickly, and enjoyably.

We can only do that if there is consistency and transparency in the world of codes. Getting everything organized in one place is the starting point to achieving this goal.

With a Content Team entirely focused on

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Full-time research

Researching code adoptions is this team’s core responsibility.

Tracking changes

Monitoring changes across multiple AHJ sources.

Comprehensive review

Integrating amendments and performing quality checks.

Communicate with AHJs

Verifying timelines, legislation, and resolving disputes.

How we onboard new codes & manage accuracy through publication lifecycle


Here's what we ask as we research each jurisdiction

Which AHJ governs which code?

This helps us break down the regulatory and legislative authority for each city/state.

How does the AHJ make code changes?

This helps us determine how the AHJ adopts and amends code.

How do codes from different AHJs work together?

This helps us understand the intricate relationships between the various code-enforcing entities.

We coordinate with AHJs and work with code development staff, on an ongoing basis

Allows us to get to code clarifications resolved faster.

Then, we can post corrections to typos and errors sooner, as well as share any typos or errors we find with the AHJ.

Helps us anticipate new and upcoming code adoptions.

This approach lets us host future codes well in advance of the effective date.

Obtain Draft Version

Evaluate Adoption Details

Process Draft Legislation

AHJ Questions

Obtain Final Version

Review Adoption Details

Perform Comparative Analysis

AHJ Resolution

Effective Date

Code adoption goes into effect for that jurisdiction, and is available on UpCodes

Track Publication Lifecycle

We follow each publication closely and incorporate any code changes that occur throughout its lifecycle.

Supplements, Updates
Intermittent Legislation

We analyze code with a combination of technology and a team fully dedicated to code review:

AHJ Specific Updates
Addenda, Errata, TIA


Code adoption is superseded in that jurisdiction

A platform with depth and breadth

Manage compliance for your next project efficiently and within budget.

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City, state and federal codes

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Detailed code diagrams

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Jurisdictions hosted

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Sections updated monthly on average


Local amendments added


AHJ websites and records followed

Democratizing code access and research for over 700,000 users
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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about our features.

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